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Our Story

Dog Model was founded on the belief that every dog deserves a chance to shine in the spotlight of the entertainment industry.

Services Offered

Explore our range of grooming, training, and handling services for your furry companion.


Full Trim

Get a complete grooming session for your dog’s perfect look.

Bath & Blowout

Treat your dog to a refreshing bath and blow dry experience.

Nail Styling

Let us glam up your dog’s nails with a stylish touch.

Ear Cleaning

Keep your dog comfortable with regular ear hygiene maintenance.


Basic Obedience

Teach your dog essential commands for a well-behaved pet.

Advanced Skills

Level up your dog’s abilities with advanced training techniques.

Behavior Modification

Address specific behavior issues through tailored training programs.

Socialization Classes

Help your dog develop social skills in a structured and fun environment.

Discover Your Dog’s Potential

Explore how our tailored services can enhance your dog’s modeling career and create lasting memories.

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Meet Our Team

Our dedicated agents at Dog Model bring a wealth of experience and passion for matching dogs with the perfect projects.

With a focus on creativity and care, we ensure that each furry model shines in their unique way with professional grooming and training.

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